Welcome, Reader.

You have stumbled upon the literary compositions of Calypso Byrne, a character you shall come to meet should you choose to explore the offerings of this site. This site is her electronic portfolio, a library of her pieces for the University of Michigan’s Minor in Writing. The site as a whole and the pieces it contains aim to introduce her as both writer and character.

The site works as follows:

Each tab – Why I Write, An Argument, and An Archive – found on the menu to the left link to a component of the Writing Minor. For any component you wish to explore, you may click to find a written description of its contents as well as link to the work. Additionally on the left menu, you can access a brief author biography by clicking on the About page, or you can click on the Contact page to learn how to leave feedback.

Should you choose to read on, you will learn that Calypso is a character of many roles: an outdoor enthusiast, a devoted scholar, a daughter, a devil, a soulmate, and a fantastical spirit above all. Characters who play many roles have all the more stories to share. She considers her essays her most honest accounts.

Calypso thanks you for being here, for your interest and your willingness to engage. She imparts to you the warmest of welcomes.


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